We are generally seeking input on the conduct of the project, so that we can adjust and improve where possible. The following, documents concerning scope and content of the project are provided for comment. Please identify the document on which you are commenting. We will post comments on this website that are signed with name and affiliation. We will not post or pass on your contact information without your permission. Please e-mail your comments to: NanoRelease@ilsi.org.

NanoRelease Scope of Work [pdf]
A general description of the scope of work for the entire NanoRelease project.

Materials Selected by the Steering Committee for Review
A list of the initial nanomaterials that was developed and then considered for further study by the Steering Committee for the project.

Nanomaterial Selection Criteria
Criteria used to select the nanomaterial to focus on in the expert process.

Nanomaterial Selection Process
The process used to select the nanomaterial to focus on in the expert process.

Methods Selected by the Steering Committee for Review
The methods that are selected for review in the expert process and round robin testing will be listed here.

Scope of the Information Catalog [pdf]
A description of the scope for the information collected on nanomaterial release measurement methods during the course of the project.

2011 Steering Committee Workshop Notes [pdf]
Consolidated meeting notes from the May 10-11, 2011, Steering Committee workshop.

Plan of Work for the Expert Process [pdf]
The plan of work for the NanoRelease expert process.

White Paper: Background on State of the Science for Nanomaterial Release Measurement [pdf]
A review of release from solids embedded or coated with nanomaterials.

Froggett et al 2014 Review of literature reporting release for a nanomaterial composite

Kingston et al 2014 Release Characteristics of Selected Carbon Nanotube Polymer Composites.

Nowack et al 2013 Potential release scenarios for carbon nanotubes used in composites.

Canady et al 2013 Literature review and interviews with labs doing release work for MWCNT – polymer

Kaiser et al 2014 Methods for the Measurement of Release of MWCNTs from MWCNT-Polymer Composites

Harper, et al 2015 Measuring Nanomaterial Release from Carbon Nanotube Composites: