Past and Current NanoRelease Consumer Products Steering Committee Members

Members Affiliations
Myriam Hill (co-chair) Health Canada
Wendel Wohllenben (co-chair) BASF
Aleksandr Stefaniak, PhD, CIH US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Andy Atkinson Health Canada
Barbara Karn, PhD (2010-2013) National Science Foundation
Bernd Nowack, PhD EMPA
Bill Kojola (2010-2014) AFL-CIO
Cathy Fehrenbacher, MS, CIH (previous co-chair) US Environmental Protection Agency
Charles Geraci, PhD US National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health
Christopher Kingston, PhD National Research Council Canada
Darrell Boverhof, PhD (previous co-chair) The Dow Chemical Company
Debra L. Kaiser, PhD US National Institute of Standards & Technology
Derk Brouwer (2010-2015) TNO Research Group Q&S
Janet Carter, MPH US Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Jo Anne Shatkin, PhD Vireo Advisors
John Monica Jr Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP
Lie Chen Health Canada
Philip Sayre, PhD (2012-2013) US Environmental Protection Agency
Richard Canady, PhD, DABT NeutralScience
Richard Zepp US Environmental Protection Agency
Shaun Clancy, PhD (previous co-chair) Evonik Corporation
Treye Thomas, PhD US Consumer Product Safety Commission
Vladimir Murashov, PhD US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Yasir Sultan, PhD (previous co-chair) Environment Canada
Carolyn Cairns, MPH Consumers Union
 Michael Hansen, PhD Consumers Union